Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm not religious, I'm a follower of Christ

[ri-lij-uh s]

- adjective
1. of, pertaining to, or concerned with religion: a religious holiday.
2. imbued with or exhibiting religion; pious; devout; godly: a religious man.
3. scrupulously faithful; conscientious: religious care.
4. pertaining to or connected with a monastic or religious order.
5. appropriate to religion or to sacred rites or observances.
- noun
6. a member of a religious order, congregation, etc.; a monk, friar, or nun.
7. the religious, devout or religious persons: Each year, thousands of the religious make pilgrimages to the shrine.


- noun
1. a person or thing that follows.
2. a person who follows another in regard to his or her ideas or belief; disciple or adherent.
3. a person who imitates, copies, or takes as a model or ideal: He was little more than a follower of current modes.
4. an attendant, servant, or retainer.

I don't know about you guys, but I don't want to be called religious. I don't want people to think being a Christian is just going to church on Sunday and getting drunk of Monday.
I don't want people to think that all Christianity is just a bunch of hypocrites gathering in a building and tearing other people down.
I wanna make a change, and we can start it. Not by going through the motions and calling ourselves religious, but by becoming true FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST, and show the world what being a Christian really means.

Christ set us free from the law of sin and death! (Romans 8:2) So let's not trap ourselves in Manmade laws, rules, and rituals on how to be a true "christian", or religious person. Thats not what Jesus said.
Have a great day and God bless you guys!! :D


  1. PERFECTLY SAID!!! I want to be a follower! Amen :)

    1. Thanks!! :D I didn't get a lot of feedback from this post so I wasn't sure how you guys liked it..but I'm really grateful for your support! Thank you!! :D

  2. AWESOME post!!!!! I feel exactly the same way. Amen a thousand times!!!!!

    Blessings to you.