Thursday, April 26, 2012


See, we all hurt in some way or another. We're imperfect people, living imperfect lives, in an imperfect world. So there's going to be some pain, whether it's deep down inside, or on the surface for all to see.
Honestly, it'd be weird to have a day without it. But, we don't have to face this alone. At least we shouldn't.
I was inspired to write this post by this amazingly awesomely epic song on my iPod, called "New Reality." It's basically about realizing what Jesus did, and facing this new reality, changing and adjusting your life to it. The song also has this part of the lyrics where it's like Christ is literally speaking to you. That part inspired me to write this.
So yeah, imagine Jesus speaking to you as you read this too.

"Hey. I can see your hurt. I also see your pain.
You can fool your friends, you can fool your family, you can fool the whole world, but you can't fool me. I see deep into your soul. Nothing in it is unknown to me; I was there the day it was created.
Your feelings; the happiness, the sadness, the anxiety, I know everything. I know how it feels. And I'm not only talking about what happened on the cross.

I know how it feels to be hated. Remember all the times the Pharisees wanted me dead?
I know how it feels for your family to be embarrassed of own mother said I was crazy.
I know how it feels to be a reject, and to not fit in.
I know how it feels to have all the pressure of the world on your shoulders.
I know how it feels to be betrayed, to be stabbed in the back.
I know how it feels to want to be dead.
I know how it feels to be lied to.
I know how it feels to be lonely.
I know how it feels to be made fun of, laughed at, to not be accepted, to be treated like an idiot.
I know how it feels to be you.
You aren't meant to face this all alone. I faced the things I did so I could help you. But I can't do that if you keep pushing me away.
I'm not going to just force my way in, and make myself at home. I'm only going to help, if you allow me to.
I know that might take some time, so take it. I am, and always will, be patient with you. 
But don't put off to tomorrow, what you can do today. I love you too much to watch you waste away, slowly rotting and dying until there's nothing left to bury. I want to watch you live your life, the way my Father planned it. 
Yeah, there's going to be some pain, some heartache, some headaches, some sleepless nights. But you'll be fulfilling your purpose. You'll be accomplishing what you were put on this earth to do.
But, that won't be possible, unless you allow me to help. I want in on this. Don't let me fade away, and become some distant memory to you. I don't want to be part of your life. I want to be your life.

Friend, they're only two real choices you have. Two real sides you can join. You can either choose me, or choose the world.
The world pretends to care, then chews you up and spits you out. It deceives you, by showcasing and enticing you with what it calls beauty. Then it drags you in and never lets you out. And while you're mesmerized by it, you don't even notice the shackles and cuffs they've chained to your hands and feet. You become a slave to them, forced to live by what the world and society say, with no voice of your own. 
But I loved you enough to die for you. Face it; there's no greater love than that. I gave you freedom. Freedom from sin, the freedom not to fear death, freedom from Satan's grasp, even when he had his twisted fingers all up inside you. I set you free! And I want the best for you. I showed you the love that has never been shown before, and gave it to you, for free. I gave you hope. Hope that is found nowhere else.

So let me in. Take my hand. Don't let me go. I did this for you, because I love you, and want you. Stop running from the person you need the most. I'm right here. I'm ready to help, to shoulder your burdens. I'm only waiting on you."

Have a great day and God bless you guys. And I thank Jesus for letting me be one of his messengers to you. It's truly amazing. Ohh! And remember to check out that song New Reality!! It could really change your life.
Dueces. xP

[as of November 1, 2012]

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  1. Wow, this is amazing! Thank you for letting God use you in such a powerful way! God Bless :)

    1. Haha, no problem. :) I guess I'm finding where God wants me to work and some of the things he wants me to do. And I just answer his call and do it. So yeah, it's all Jesus. (:

  2. Hey, I don't know you, so I hope this isn't too weird. I'm going to Africa with Jordan. Anyway, this so touching. It's easy to forget sometimes that Jesus isn't only with us in our pain, but that he has actually felt our pain, even to an unfathomable degree. Thank you for writing the truth and using your gift to spread the hope and love of Jesus. God bless!

  3. Who is this song by, like the artist? I want to listen to it :)
    Great post!

    1. It's by Lecrae. He's an epic christian rapper xP If you click on the name of the song in the post, it should bring up a youtube video of the song. :D

  4. Awesome post!! Sounds like a great song too!

  5. Thanks guys!! It means a lot to hear that from all of you. God bless!