Thursday, May 3, 2012

Be unique

{be unique} 
we're all different. No two people are alike. Yet we all want to be like someone else. You are YOU, so that's who you need to be! There is no one else like you. Don't live someone else's life. Jesus died and was resurrected for our sins and gave us freedom from the law. He gave us the opportunity to dress the way we want, dye our hair whatever color, to physically express our individuality. Don't waste it trying to be like someone else. You are your own person. God hand crafted you to be the way you are. Don't believe those lies. You are a beautiful creation of God. Allow the world to see who you truly are, and be different.

This is an old picture and description I posted a while back on this iPhone app called Instagram. I saw it on my iPod and thought I should post it on here. You can click here if you'd like to see the original picture, and others I've posted. But don't scroll through too many of them, because I'll probably be doing a few more of these, and that'll run the surprise. xP
Have a great day and God bless!!

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