Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thank you

Sometimes we forget that God's given us grace. I mean, he's blessed us all more than we deserve.
Just look at your life. All the people he's placed in it, all the things that went your way, all the times you've fallen and he picked you up. All the times you neglected and ignored him, but when you needed him, he welcomed you back with open arms. He also chased after and pursued you, wanting a true and real relationship with you. He also showed you an amazing love. A love when that no one deserves; even when you kept pushing him away.
Really, he's shown us nothing but love. But we don't thank him..at least not a whole lot. After seeing everything he's done though, that needs to change.
Because honestly, he doesn't need you. He doesn't need me. He doesn't need anyone. God can accomplish all that he needs to by himself. But, for whatever crazy reason, he chose us; a bunch of messed up souls that can't even go a day without screwing up, to be a light in this world, and to accomplish all he has planned, through him.
God shows us grace in so many ways, it's hard to imagine. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says He has made everything beautiful in its time.. yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.
But that's all the more reason to thank him. Just thank him for everything he's done. He's done so much for each and every one of us. Like I said, it's pretty impossible to imagine it all, but just thank him. Let him know you appreciate everything he's doing. Everything he did, and everything he will do.
He already knows, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves.
Despite being ignored, being shunned, and being lied to, God still loves us as much as he did the day he created us.
So take time to thank him today. Give him the gratitude and love that he deserves. We don't even have a right to receive all he's given us, much less be to ungrateful about.
There's nothing more to say. Just do it.

By the way, here's the song that God used to inspire me to write this. I downloaded it yesterday and it's really amazing. Sanctus Real is just epic. Have a great day and God bless!!

(If the embedded player doesn't work, click here to watch the video)

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