Sunday, February 10, 2013

Brian Welch

"I threw away all my drugs.... And I quit Korn."

I am Second
When you have reached the top and something’s still missing, where do you go? Brian “Head” Welch’s life was spinning out of control. As lead guitarist for the band Korn, people worshipped his music. He made all the money, had all the cars, houses and women he could handle, but still found himself with a crippling addiction to Meth. “I could not stay sober. I did not know how. I hit rock bottom.”
There’s a point when you finally look in the mirror at an image that you are simply tired of seeing. Brian wanted to quit, but what if quitting required complete surrender? [1]

Sorry this was two days late. xP What are your thoughts? Did Brian's story touch you? Do you think God could do similar in your life or in the life of someone else? Does this change the way that you see God, experiences or people? What do you take away from this film?

Leave it all below. :]

1. The Story - Brian Welch - I am Second.

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  1. Brian Welch was a guitarist who made people fall in love with his music. Big people are unforgettable. This post was really very good.