Monday, February 18, 2013

The Scruggs

In my devotional, the day for this video is titled, "Forgive." That's what the entire message of this video is about.

This film includes two people, Cheryl and Jeff Scruggs. They started off happily married, with everything they wanted. But it wasn't enough. Emptiness set in for Cheryl. She felt a longing for something more that soon lead to doubt. Doubt resulted in detachment. Detachment lead her into the arms of other man. Cheryl and Jeff drifted apart and ended their marriage in divorce. But God wasn't finished with them yet.

It was love at first sight for Cheryl and Jeff. Young and ambitious, the two fell in love and and got married. They had it all: ocean view home, the right clothes, the best jobs and there was nothing to want for that money could buy. But what about the things money couldn’t buy? Like happiness or love. Cheryl found herself secretly discontent and began to question her love for Jeff. Jeff, on the other hand went on oblivious to the true feelings his wife harbored and slowly, they drifted apart… Cheryl into the arms of another man.
She had an idea  of what the perfect life looked like. That’s what she wanted, that’s what she worked for and that’s what she had. “But it was fake.” So is divorce, then, the answer or is it just running from the real problem? For Cheryl it was the answer and that answer was to end it all. However just because our plans are to end something doesn’t mean they are God’s. And just because we make mistakes -big or small- doesn’t mean He can’t fix them. In the end, both Cheryl and Jeff had to have faith, pure faith to see things through. See how faithfully God reconciled their seven-year divorce, step by step, back into the marriage He had in mind. [1]

1. The Story - The Scruggs - I am Second

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