Saturday, March 30, 2013

He is Risen!

  Since Easter's coming up tomorrow I thought this spoken word video by Jeff Bethke would be an encouragement! We have a decision to make this Easter. We can either choose to accept the payment for our sins that Christ bought on the cross and follow Him, or we can choose to pay for our own sins apart from Christ in hell. It's God's desire that all people choose to accept the gift of salvation and spend eternity with Him in heaven (1 Timothy 2:4). He won't force anything on us, but He also will never give up on our salvation. Jesus couldn't bear to live in heaven without us, so He chose to bear our sin on the cross instead. If you've never made the decision to trust in Jesus, watch this video and I hope you'll accept Him as your Savior! If you're already a Christian, I encourage you to share this video with someone who doesn't know Christ this Easter!

 Have an awesome Easter!


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