Friday, May 10, 2013

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Co Campell is a new artist in Christian music, and I stumbled over his first unofficial release and free mixtape Conqueror on this free legal music site called Noisetrade. The album art looked cool, and it said recommended for listeners of Lecrae (as well as Andy Mineo, Justin Timberlake, Paramore, and MuteMath), so I was curious and decided to give Co a try.

It came pretty close to blowing my mind!

They're only six tracks in the mixtape (hence, it being called a mixtape, not a full album), but his music is like a fusion between hip-hop and alt rock. The vocals and lyrics are more hip-hop/rap-ish (with a rocky edge) while the distortion guitar power chords and riffs and solos during the songs make you think of a rock concert. Not to mention the drums and the bass.

Long story short, the dude's music is pretty amazing. His lyrics are very honest and uplifting, from thanking God for all He's done, to letting everyone know he's gonna live different, to singing about who he belongs and just worshiping God. But don't just read about it; listen to Co's music yourself!

Below are two of his songs. The first is Champion, which is I think is a better introduction song to Co and his style of music. It's also the mixtape opener, which proves my point. :P

[If the video doesn't come up or you're reading via email, click here to see the video] ]

The second song is probably my favorite on his mixtape: Alive. This track features good friend and fellow Christian artist Andy Mineo; the two basically kill it on this track. (They've done a lot of songs together, so this shouldn't come as a surprise.) Not to mention whoever's playing guitar. I just love the rock/rap fusion throughout the song and the entire mixtape at whole. The lyrics are empowering, inspiring, encouraging and easy to understand--and along with the awesome sound--I just find it amazing.
 [Click here if you can't this video either]

You can find Co Campell on Facebook and Twitter here and here. He's just starting out as an artist, so if you like his music, support him!

Have a great day and God bless! :]

So as long I'm alive
Imma live the best way
Imma live the best days
I don't care what people say

So as long as I'm alive
Imma live the right life
With God at my side
Everything gon' be alright!
- Co Campell, "Alive"

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