Friday, May 31, 2013

Steal My Show | Now Playing

Eye On It is tobyMac's sixth and most recent album, out in August 2012. It seems like each of Toby's albums have a different sound, and the sound for this album is dubstep. I think it sounds awesome, actually, especially for the songs "Eye On It" and "Unstoppable". The pounding bass and electronic melodies fuel the energy that both excite you and help keep the lyrics bouncing around inside your head. The song I'm featuring, however, is mostly acoustic and a lot slower paced than those two. "Steal My Show" is more reflective; you get a lot more of Toby's heart in this track. It's one of my favorite songs on this album (along with "Unstoppable," "Eye On It," "Mac Daddy", "Forgiveness" and "Favorite Song") and I've found myself listening to it and even singing the chorus a lot in the past few days. I just love message and its humility. It's something we can all learn from and apply to our lives daily. God is always bigger than our plans or our dreams or what we want . . . and we need to move over and let Him do what He wants in our lives. His plan is always better than what we have in mind.

With all that said, here's "Steal My Show"!  I hope God uses it to minister to you as He did for me. Lyrics are in the video!

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Have a great day and God bless! :]


  1. That's a great song. Neat lyrics!

    I love your new blog header! Very cool!

    1. Haha, yes! I love tobyMac. God really speaks to me through his music!

      And thanks! :] New season, new style. :P Plus I think the urban background gives a more down-to-earth feel and makes the blog more appealing to just random people who stumble over it. But yeah, thank you! :)

  2. I love that song! Thanks for sharing! :)