Friday, May 3, 2013

The Nearness | Now Playing

I've only just started listening to the David Crowder* Band a couple weeks ago (yes, late, I know; I'm known for that) and I have to say, I'm kind of sad the band decided to break up back in January 2012. This is because . . .





Or, at least their second-to-last album, Church Music, which I stumbled over at the library. (Yes, I sometimes check out music from the library. Why not?! Free music!)

Seventeen glorious tracks fill this awesome album (sorry if I sound like a giant ad, but if you couldn't tell, I really, really, really like the album) and of those seventeen, I'm sharing one of them with you guys today: The Nearness.

What I really love about the David Crowder* Band is that they sound--different. They're a worship band, but their music doesn't sound like the generic mainstream Christian songs that flood is many Christian radio stations today. They're totally experimental; their music alternated from bluegrass to almost grunge rock to electronica and back again. Church Music favors a more electronica feel, but even then you can still hear the wide variety of instruments: guitars, pianos, violins, drums and, of course, voice.

Hear it for yourself!

(Verse 1)
Brilliant bright, our salvation
Took the fall to hold us up
All the weight of our condition
Lifted away from us

Blessed love, falling under
Sacredness taking hold
Split the air, the sound of thunder
Heaven begins to unfold

And the nearness of there
Feels more near to here
[If the video won't load or even appear, click here to view it on YouTube.]

(Chorus 1)
We can feel the breath of the angels
See the walls bend and shake
The skies in a tremble
Let the dead wake

To sing the songs of the heavens
See the dawn starts to break
The bonds start to loose so
Feel the earth shake

(Verse 2)
Darkest night brought redemption
Innocence, divine embrace
In the light of all creation
Heaven and earth start to twist

And the nearness of there
Feels more near to here

(Chorus 2)
We can feel the breath of the angels
See the walls bend and shake
The skies in a tremble
Feel the ground break

We hear the songs of the heavens
See the world come awake
The bonds start to loose so
Feel the earth shake

Blood of a Savior
Pushed back the fall
Love of a Healer
Hell overcome

While the David Crowder* Band isn't in business anymore, their epically eccentric worship music definitely lives on. David Crowder himself ended up forming a new group, Crowder, while the rest of the band--minus Mike Hogan--formed a new group called The Digital Age. Their essential collection album, All This For A King: The Essential Collection, comes out May 21st as well, which I'm definitely looking forward to. (And hopefully I'll have the money to actually buy it . . .)

Anyways, I hope you guys like the song! One of the many things I love is music, and since this blog is prone to being dead for long periods of time (the time from Hannah's Easter post to my succeeding women in ministry post was approximately 324.56 blog years), I'll be doing this thing where I'll share one of my favorite songs once a week. I know I'm also prone to not finishing the stuff I start on here *cough*the I Am Second videos*cough* but unlike those, I can plan ahead which songs to do (I already have a list xD) and work on my own schedule to get the Now Playing posts for the entire month done in a few sittings--which I will be (and currently am) doing.

Plus, these posts are less formal (meaning I can be crazier) and hopefully will help you guys feel more comfortable in commenting and giving us your amazing thoughts and feedback! (Yes, you--you reading this! I mean you. Yes . . . yes, I mean you). Christian living, theology, doctrine, teaching, learning: all those things are important and should be taken very seriously. But we also need to have fun! There's nothing wrong with having a good time or being silly, as long as it's not getting in the way of something you (or someone else) need to be doing or getting you into trouble. God has a sense of humor too. It's refreshing to laugh at yourself or something goofy, or smile when your crazy friend says/does something dumb to be funny. Laughter can help us so much sometimes.

Also, I hope Now Playing can bring in a new audience over here. The more people reading, sharing, checking out and even stalking this blogspot, the better! The name "Now Playing" is also a popular hashtag on Twitter: something I plan to use to my advantage . . . *rubs hands together and chuckles maniacally*

So yeah! Let me know how you enjoyed (or loathed, although I find this highly unlikely) The Nearness below. Have a song to recommend? Leave it below too. Questions, comments, or anything else that can be expressed through words that you want to share? You guessed it--
keep it to yourself.

Haha, that was almost funny. xP

Leave it below! Or, if you do have something to say but would rather keep it private, check out the contact page to get a hold of me.

Have awesome day and God bless! :]

we can feel the breath of the angels . . .
. . . see the walls bend and shake
the skies in a tremble . . .
let the
 dead wake!


  1. You JUST discovered the David Crowder Band?! Oh my goodness. You have been deprived of some of the best Christian music ever. :) I'm so sorry.

    I love that song!

    Lately I've been loving Rend Collective's music. It's a bit different, but I like the sound. :)

    1. Hahahaha, yes! I seriously just did! xP I always knew about them but never actually checked out their music. Weirdness. xD

      I know! But I'm making up for it now. xP

      It is a song of pure amazingness wrapped in blankets of awesomeness. xD

      I will check them out! Thanks for commenting! :]