Friday, June 7, 2013

Learn From the Night | Now Playing

Sent by Ravens is a post-hardcore Christian band from Hartsville, South Carolina. Their name comes fro
m the Biblical story of Elijah, when he was fed by ravens out in the wilderness while Israel suffered a severe (and avoidable) famine. Although they've been on an "extended hiatus" since mid 2012, neither their music or fan-base are dead by any means. I "discovered" the band a while back while searching for new music, bands and artists on Google Play. I stumbled over their page, loved them after listening to like half a preview, and bought two of their songs: Learn From the Night and Listen, the former being the song shared today. (I was too broke to buy the whole album.)

Learn From the Night is probably my favorite song by Sent by Ravens, just because of it's meaning. I get out of it the struggle to climb up out of emptiness and the longing for something more, combined with the fear of change and wanting to stay in the shallow area, where it's comfortable. The song describes an internal battle that I think a lot of us feel: whether to face our fears and dive into the deep waters or ignore the pull and stay where we're comfortable. Sent By Ravens really captured that moment--the moment when you're torn, one foot in and one foot out--and translated it into an alternative Christian rock anthem for all who are looking to break their comfort zone and go deeper in their relationship with God.

Lyrics are in the video!

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  1. I am not a Christian but I come on this log to learn the Christian perspective and I must say that I have come to know of many things.So thank you for the work that you do. May God guide everyone to the truth.