Friday, June 14, 2013

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I really don't have much to say this week, except that in reference to the song below, I think we all of those "suddenly" moments. Those moments when it's as if a rain cloud is hanging over your head and in the next light pierces though and the clouds are chased away. Those moments when you've fallen down hard in the mud but all of a sudden you're picked up and running again. Those moments where you feel aimless and lost but out of nowhere realization hits you in the face and suddenly you're flying--moments like that. Moments that increase our faith and lift us up, moments that give us the momentum to soar over our mountains and giants. Moments where God moves so quickly and so powerfully that it's a brand new day. I think that's Toby described in his song "Suddenly". I pray that, even as you listen to the song, God will give you your own experience with Him--whether it's powerful and suddenly or subtle and over a long period of time--just a time where you're with Him and He's with you. Time alone together. That should be what's at the heart of every Christian's faith: fellowship with God. Even when the whole world fails us, He never will.

God bless! :]
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She blew everything to pieces
He's there hanging on to Jesus
She broke everything about him down
He said he never saw it coming
Until the day she dropped the bomb
And she broke everything about him down

Sometimes there's nothing left but to believe
And suddenly all of it's behind you
And I'm here to remind you
That yesterday is gone so say goodbye
And suddenly the skies open above you
And someone really loves you
Now everything's alive ... everything's alive

She's there broken into pieces
But he swears he doesn't really see it
When she says that all of it was so unfair
But Hope road is just around the corner
It's one place there's never been a foreigner
'Cause God's love makes everybody welcome there
Sometimes there's nothing left but to believe

Sometimes it's in an instant
Sometimes we wait for years
But it comes down to the moment when faith eclipses fear
Your wandering is over
The other side is real
You've broken through
Your mountain moved
And mercy is revealed
His mercy is revealed, yeah

Yesterday is long
Gone ....

And suddenly all of it's behind you
And I'm here to remind you
That yesterday is gone so wave goodbye
And finally the skies open around you
And love has truly found you
Now everything is alive
Everything's alive ... everything's alive

Sometimes there's nothing left but to believe 
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