Friday, May 31, 2013

Steal My Show | Now Playing

Eye On It is tobyMac's sixth and most recent album, out in August 2012. It seems like each of Toby's albums have a different sound, and the sound for this album is dubstep. I think it sounds awesome, actually, especially for the songs "Eye On It" and "Unstoppable". The pounding bass and electronic melodies fuel the energy that both excite you and help keep the lyrics bouncing around inside your head. The song I'm featuring, however, is mostly acoustic and a lot slower paced than those two. "Steal My Show" is more reflective; you get a lot more of Toby's heart in this track. It's one of my favorite songs on this album (along with "Unstoppable," "Eye On It," "Mac Daddy", "Forgiveness" and "Favorite Song") and I've found myself listening to it and even singing the chorus a lot in the past few days. I just love message and its humility. It's something we can all learn from and apply to our lives daily. God is always bigger than our plans or our dreams or what we want . . . and we need to move over and let Him do what He wants in our lives. His plan is always better than what we have in mind.

With all that said, here's "Steal My Show"!  I hope God uses it to minister to you as He did for me. Lyrics are in the video!

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TobyMac is on Twitter, FB, Instagram, YouTube, as well as

Have a great day and God bless! :]

Friday, May 24, 2013

Everything Must Go | Now Playing

Everything Must Go is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Andy Mineo's debut album: Heroes For
Sale. I found it on YouTube a couple days ago and thought it was a pretty great watch. For one, Andy produced a majority of his album while he was on the road--meaning while he touring with the rest of the 116 crew (Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, etc). You get to see what life is like for them on the road: what they do while touring; what goes on during, before and after shows; the good, the bad, and even the ugly of the road life at moments. You also get to see that these guys are just like us. As fans, we sometimes get the idea the people who make the music we love are superhuman. But in reality, they're just human. And this behind-the-scenes glance shows that truth, not just for Andy, but for all artists who live for Someone greater.
So, even if hip-hop/rap isn't your music, I encourage you to check out this mini-documentary. Even if the style of music Andy makes isn't your favorite; his goofy, fun-loving, and humble personality will more than make up for that (not to mention guest appearances by Lecrae and friends).

Who knows? If you don't already, maybe you'll end up liking Christian rap by the time the video ends. I've seen it happen. :P

God bless!

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I've also included two of Andy Mineo's singles from his new album: Bitter and You Will. They both have great sound quality (for all you audiophiles like me xD) and even greater lyrics. Check them out too!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pray for Oklahoma

Photo credit @lecrae
Yesterday, Oklahoma was struck with possibly the worst tornado in the history of the state. The city Moore, Oklahoma--just outside Oklahoma City--was hit the hardest. Entire blocks of the city are decimated, nearly the entire city leveled with the carnage of debris. At least 51 people were killed by the tornado; 20 of them were children. Countless families and lives have been devastated by this disaster, and they need our prayers--now more than ever. Why prayers? Prayer opens doors and overturns stones. Prayer communicates with the Spirit and prompts Him to move. Prayer breaks down boundaries and rips open strongholds. Prayer works into the unseen--the root of the problem--and manifests into what is seen--the result. Prayer gives power and strength, conviction and guidance, love and mercy.
Don't get me wrong: Physical needs are crazy important, and if you have the opportunity to supply any of these victims with any of the resources they need physically, I would personally encourage you to do so. But if for whatever reason, physical aid is not an option for you, then spiritual help if just as powerful, if not more. I urge you guys to pray for these people when you can. They need it. Even if people think you're wasting time, call you stupid or ignorant or whatever, I think the well-being of one person who has lost everything is worth much more than what a few people of negatively biased opinion think. Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Let's use it to lift up our hurting and grieving neighbors in Oklahoma.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. - {Matthew 5:4}

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; He saves those who are crushed in spirit. - {Psalm 34:18}

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. . . . - {Revelation 21:4}

For more information on the tornado and Moore, check out here, here and here.

God bless!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Let Your Love Be Strong | Now Playing

Switchfoot is one of my favorite bands--both for their sound and their creative songwriting. Their sound is energetic and fun, but can just as easily go to slow and melodic when the song calls for it. However, what really captures me with them and their music are the lyrics. Unlike a lot of mainstream bands, Switchfoot puts a lot of work into their verses and words: the underlying foundation of each and every lyrical song. Let Your Love Be Strong is a breathtaking example of this. The poetic metaphors, powerful yet fluid lyrics and the soft but undeniable accompaniment of the drums, bass and acoustic guitar make this song ring in your mind long after it's done playing. It's one of my favorite songs on their sixth album Oh! Gravity. and one of my favorites by the band in general.

So anyway, here it is! Have a great day and God bless. I hope this song can encourage you as it did me.
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In this world of news, I've found nothing new
I've found nothing pure
Maybe I'm just idealistic to assume that truth
Could be fact and form
That love could be a verb
Maybe I'm just a little misinformed

As the dead moon rises, and the freeways sigh
Let the trains watch over the tides and the mist
Spinning circles in our skies tonight
Let the trucks roll in from Los Angeles
Maybe our stars are unanimously tired

Let your love be strong, and I don't care what goes down
Let your love be strong enough to weather through the thunder cloud
Fury and thunder clap like stealing the fire from your eyes
All of my world hanging on your love

Let the wars begin, let my strength wear thin
Let my fingers crack, let my world fall apart
Train the monkeys on my back to fight
Let it start tonight
When my world explodes, when my stars touch the ground
Falling down like broken satellites

Let your love be strong, and I don't care what goes down
Let your love be strong enough to weather through the thunder cloud
Fury and thunder clap like stealing the fire from your skies
All of that I am hanging on
All of my world resting on your love
You can find Switchfoot on Twitter, FB, Youtube, and on their site
God bless! :]

Friday, May 10, 2013

Living Champion | Now Playing

Co Campell is a new artist in Christian music, and I stumbled over his first unofficial release and free mixtape Conqueror on this free legal music site called Noisetrade. The album art looked cool, and it said recommended for listeners of Lecrae (as well as Andy Mineo, Justin Timberlake, Paramore, and MuteMath), so I was curious and decided to give Co a try.

It came pretty close to blowing my mind!

They're only six tracks in the mixtape (hence, it being called a mixtape, not a full album), but his music is like a fusion between hip-hop and alt rock. The vocals and lyrics are more hip-hop/rap-ish (with a rocky edge) while the distortion guitar power chords and riffs and solos during the songs make you think of a rock concert. Not to mention the drums and the bass.

Long story short, the dude's music is pretty amazing. His lyrics are very honest and uplifting, from thanking God for all He's done, to letting everyone know he's gonna live different, to singing about who he belongs and just worshiping God. But don't just read about it; listen to Co's music yourself!

Below are two of his songs. The first is Champion, which is I think is a better introduction song to Co and his style of music. It's also the mixtape opener, which proves my point. :P

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The second song is probably my favorite on his mixtape: Alive. This track features good friend and fellow Christian artist Andy Mineo; the two basically kill it on this track. (They've done a lot of songs together, so this shouldn't come as a surprise.) Not to mention whoever's playing guitar. I just love the rock/rap fusion throughout the song and the entire mixtape at whole. The lyrics are empowering, inspiring, encouraging and easy to understand--and along with the awesome sound--I just find it amazing.
 [Click here if you can't this video either]

You can find Co Campell on Facebook and Twitter here and here. He's just starting out as an artist, so if you like his music, support him!

Have a great day and God bless! :]

So as long I'm alive
Imma live the best way
Imma live the best days
I don't care what people say

So as long as I'm alive
Imma live the right life
With God at my side
Everything gon' be alright!
- Co Campell, "Alive"

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Nearness | Now Playing

I've only just started listening to the David Crowder* Band a couple weeks ago (yes, late, I know; I'm known for that) and I have to say, I'm kind of sad the band decided to break up back in January 2012. This is because . . .





Or, at least their second-to-last album, Church Music, which I stumbled over at the library. (Yes, I sometimes check out music from the library. Why not?! Free music!)

Seventeen glorious tracks fill this awesome album (sorry if I sound like a giant ad, but if you couldn't tell, I really, really, really like the album) and of those seventeen, I'm sharing one of them with you guys today: The Nearness.

What I really love about the David Crowder* Band is that they sound--different. They're a worship band, but their music doesn't sound like the generic mainstream Christian songs that flood is many Christian radio stations today. They're totally experimental; their music alternated from bluegrass to almost grunge rock to electronica and back again. Church Music favors a more electronica feel, but even then you can still hear the wide variety of instruments: guitars, pianos, violins, drums and, of course, voice.

Hear it for yourself!

(Verse 1)
Brilliant bright, our salvation
Took the fall to hold us up
All the weight of our condition
Lifted away from us

Blessed love, falling under
Sacredness taking hold
Split the air, the sound of thunder
Heaven begins to unfold

And the nearness of there
Feels more near to here
[If the video won't load or even appear, click here to view it on YouTube.]

(Chorus 1)
We can feel the breath of the angels
See the walls bend and shake
The skies in a tremble
Let the dead wake

To sing the songs of the heavens
See the dawn starts to break
The bonds start to loose so
Feel the earth shake

(Verse 2)
Darkest night brought redemption
Innocence, divine embrace
In the light of all creation
Heaven and earth start to twist

And the nearness of there
Feels more near to here

(Chorus 2)
We can feel the breath of the angels
See the walls bend and shake
The skies in a tremble
Feel the ground break

We hear the songs of the heavens
See the world come awake
The bonds start to loose so
Feel the earth shake

Blood of a Savior
Pushed back the fall
Love of a Healer
Hell overcome

While the David Crowder* Band isn't in business anymore, their epically eccentric worship music definitely lives on. David Crowder himself ended up forming a new group, Crowder, while the rest of the band--minus Mike Hogan--formed a new group called The Digital Age. Their essential collection album, All This For A King: The Essential Collection, comes out May 21st as well, which I'm definitely looking forward to. (And hopefully I'll have the money to actually buy it . . .)

Anyways, I hope you guys like the song! One of the many things I love is music, and since this blog is prone to being dead for long periods of time (the time from Hannah's Easter post to my succeeding women in ministry post was approximately 324.56 blog years), I'll be doing this thing where I'll share one of my favorite songs once a week. I know I'm also prone to not finishing the stuff I start on here *cough*the I Am Second videos*cough* but unlike those, I can plan ahead which songs to do (I already have a list xD) and work on my own schedule to get the Now Playing posts for the entire month done in a few sittings--which I will be (and currently am) doing.

Plus, these posts are less formal (meaning I can be crazier) and hopefully will help you guys feel more comfortable in commenting and giving us your amazing thoughts and feedback! (Yes, you--you reading this! I mean you. Yes . . . yes, I mean you). Christian living, theology, doctrine, teaching, learning: all those things are important and should be taken very seriously. But we also need to have fun! There's nothing wrong with having a good time or being silly, as long as it's not getting in the way of something you (or someone else) need to be doing or getting you into trouble. God has a sense of humor too. It's refreshing to laugh at yourself or something goofy, or smile when your crazy friend says/does something dumb to be funny. Laughter can help us so much sometimes.

Also, I hope Now Playing can bring in a new audience over here. The more people reading, sharing, checking out and even stalking this blogspot, the better! The name "Now Playing" is also a popular hashtag on Twitter: something I plan to use to my advantage . . . *rubs hands together and chuckles maniacally*

So yeah! Let me know how you enjoyed (or loathed, although I find this highly unlikely) The Nearness below. Have a song to recommend? Leave it below too. Questions, comments, or anything else that can be expressed through words that you want to share? You guessed it--
keep it to yourself.

Haha, that was almost funny. xP

Leave it below! Or, if you do have something to say but would rather keep it private, check out the contact page to get a hold of me.

Have awesome day and God bless! :]

we can feel the breath of the angels . . .
. . . see the walls bend and shake
the skies in a tremble . . .
let the
 dead wake!