Saturday, March 29, 2014

God is Enough

  Perfect. So perfect. Everything is good. Life…is pure. It’s amazing…it’s perfect. How it was always designed to be. They, the first “us,” had everything…everything! They lacked nothing. They shared in beautiful fellowship with their Creator. They had all the food, all the water, all the animals, all the beauty they could ever want. They had God! God who is a necessity to every soul. God who also makes Himself an option to every soul. A necessity and an option…God! He gave them everything they were created to need, want, and desire. But…the serpent. The craftiest of all the animals. “Did God really say?” “You will not certainly die!” With the reaching of the hand and the eating of the fruit, Eve said, “No God! You are not enough. This is not enough. There has got to be something more…something other. No! I want more. This can’t be all there is. You can’t be all there is. No God! I don’t want what you give. I want something else.” Heartbreaking! So…so illogical! So stupid! “No God, I don’t want you and what you give, even though I was handcrafted for you and what you give.” How can this be? Satan, who’s still at work today, tells us, somehow convinces us, that there is something out there that’s better than God. He tells us God isn’t enough. So we search. We dive headfirst into the “tree” of the world and devour every fruit that promises to give us satisfaction, purpose, and meaning. And, sooner or later, we discover that it’s still not enough. It’s almost like we’re afraid to trust that God is all we need. Everyone needs God, but not everyone wants God. Everyone soul needs God, but not every soul chooses God. God is a necessity to our souls, but He’s also an option. We have to choose Him. He won’t force Himself on us, because He is Love. I want to be a soul that says “yes” to God and what He gives! I want to be fully satisfied in my Creator! I want my Designer to be the focus, the center, the goal of my life. I was created for Him, and I will choose to sing “God is enough” all the days of my life!


  1. this post reminds me of the Lecrae song by the same name. :) awesome post!!

  2. God is enough for us in his grace and be content in life are so import and be loved and joy to be with us are so welcome with healing and freedom and blessing for Jesus bloods victory are for me well great gift and important for God´s poeples in salvation thanks and bless and win,keijo sweden

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